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Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission: Transform the Office Environment

Our goal is to help employers build happier, more motivated teams, transforming the office environment into a place employees love to be in and look forward to coming to everyday. Part of this is designing the space in a way that is conducive to innovation, but it’s also cultural. We aim to help people make better employment decisions, grow successful organizations, and build meaningful careers. We do this with educational resources, job listings, and community-building activities.

We help job seekers. We share advice to help people land the job of their dreams, somewhere they feel they’re able to grow and contribute in a way that is meaningful to them.

We help employers. We share hiring best practices and how to build more motivated teams, so companies can achieve their goals of hiring a skilled, diverse, and engaged workforce. Our employer resources help hiring managers understand and respect job seekers, so when those candidates become employees, they’ll be happy, productive, and loyal.