Choosing a gift for a child with a disability can be a daunting task. While some considerations are the same regardless of how typical a child may be, other factors might warrant further consideration. It’s important to choose a gift that provides them comfort from their disability while at the same time feeding their creative imagination.

Here are four gift ideas to give your child for any type of disability for that special day.

1. Advanced Hearing Aids


If your child suffers from some type of hearing loss or deafness and uses some form of aid accessory or has a cochlear implant, then you can gift them the latest in hearing aid technology. Browse an assortment of advanced hearing aids, procured by the countries top audiologists. Schedule a telehealth appointment, and consult an expert on the best hearing aid fit for your child. Whether they suffer from severe hearing loss or mild hearing loss, a doctor will be able to conduct a hearing test and recommend the best options.

A common cause of hearing loss in young children also can be either a result of frequent ear infections or the use of earphones at loud volumes. State-of-the-art hearing aid technology can improve sound quality for your child and provide them with the opportunity to lead a more fruitful life. Advanced hearing aid technologies also allow you to make adjustments depending on the environment, adapting to loud noises that may cause your kid discomfort. You want your child to feel like all the other kids on the playground, so it’s important to invest in the latest hearing aids that will give them more opportunities in and outside the classroom.

2. Technology


There are also great tech gadgets on the market to gift your child that will provide them with a lot of joy while assisting them in the classroom. If your child suffers from some type of speech impairment or language development issues, an iPad can be a good option for improving their communication skills and providing them a tool to ask questions. Different software and applications made to install easily on the iPhone allow your child to select words and form sentences more easily. Technology can also be a great resource for teachers and friends to interact with your child by allowing them to plan games together and exercise their minds. Something like an iPad can also let your kid express themselves in different ways.

3. Sensory Toys


Focus on the child’s ability, not disability. Consider, for example, hearing loss in children. Whether their condition involves temporary or permanent hearing loss is irrelevant. No child wants to be reminded of their limitations. Choose a gift that focuses on one of the child’s other senses, such as sight or touch. There are a variety of visual toys, such as those with lights or mirrors for children of every year of age. Sensory gifts can engage a child’s alternate senses with different textures, shapes, colors, and materials. Consider a mobile for above an infant’s crib, soft colorful blocks for a toddler, or a squishy ball or modeling clay for older children.

4. Something That Makes Them Happy


Remember that your child, regardless of their disability, is just like any other kid who has interests, likes, and dislikes. No matter the occasion, something like a beautiful piece of jewelry or clothes from a store they like will make them happy. If you’re a family that practices religion, you can still find that perfect confirmation gift for their special day. If you’re still not sure of an appropriate gift for a specific disability, ask a pediatrician or specialist for advice. The websites of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics are great resources in selecting a great gift.