New York has been a state since 1788 and, with over 19 million residents, has one of the highest state populations in the U.S. It’s home to the largest city in the United States, with over 8 million residents inhabiting New York City (NYC) in 2021.

The population density in NYC affects people’s budgets and lifestyles. Many who live in the city lack the space to store items, which is part of the reason less than one in four households in Manhattan own vehicles. However, rental services enable New Yorkers to make suitable lifestyle adjustments and access essentials when needed. Let’s look at three helpful rental services in New York.

1. Turn to a party rental company to host a fantastic party.


There are plenty of reasons you might be planning a party. Perhaps you’re throwing an engagement party for a couple, having a birthday party for your child, or hosting a Christmas party for your extended family. Whatever the occasion, party rental companies offer affordable access to essential party needs.

Bounce houses are inflatable plastic structures. They’re easy to move because they’re inflatable, and they provide a contained space where people can bounce. Invest in a bounce house rental in Long Island to keep children entertained for hours during your party and help them burn off energy. The rental company delivers the equipment, sets up your bounce house, and takes it down when your party’s over.

You can also turn to party rental companies to rent carnival games, arcade games, inflatable games, photo booths, and inflatable slides. Party rental companies also supply performers, including clowns and magicians. You can save money with a rental package.

2. Look after your film needs with film equipment rentals.


New York City’s film industry generates more than $64 billion in revenue each year. Although the Los Angeles film industry generates a higher figure, NYC’s thriving film industry draws aspiring actors, directors, writers, and film crew professionals to the city.

You may need film equipment if you’re filming a commercial or movie. You may also benefit from film equipment rentals if you’re launching a YouTube channel or starting a streaming business. Renting equipment offers an affordable way to try different lights and brands without incurring the cost of buying those items.

Equipment rental companies make it easy to access essential film equipment for any project. You can use a film equipment rental in New York City to secure the equipment you need, such as lighting, stands, cables, generators, tables, and chairs. You can opt for a rental package and enjoy the convenience of having all your equipment delivered in a vehicle. With equipment rentals, you can access top-of-the-line film equipment for your production needs.

3. Rent a vehicle when you need one, or hire a driver.


Although you may choose to forgo vehicle ownership if you live in the city, you can opt to rent a vehicle when you need one. Vehicle rental companies make it possible to rent a car for day trips or vacations. You can also rent suitable vehicles for moving your belongings if you’re relocating. Some credit cards cover rental car insurance, making this an affordable option for those who need a vehicle occasionally but don’t have the funds or space to own a car.

Some companies let you rent drivers and vehicles, which is an excellent option if you don’t drive. You can use these package rentals when you’re traveling to or from the airport or if you’re heading to a business meeting and need time to handle work tasks en route. You can even turn to car service companies to tour the city, scout film sites, or transport guests to parties.

New York has multiple rental services you can use. Whether you need party equipment, equipment for a film shoot, or transportation, you can turn to rental companies to fulfill your needs.