Coming up with creative ad ideas for your restaurant can feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to be. You have to start by trusting your instinct. If you have an idea that you think is funny or creative, don’t second guess yourself. Coming up with that spark is the most challenging part; learning how to implement your idea is just a matter of research.

The best way to start is to think about what differentiates your restaurant from the others around you. Saying you have great food may be accurate, but it doesn’t work. Every restaurant claims to have great food. It would be best if you thought beyond that. For example, there are growing trends in healthy eating, and more people are looking for alternative food options. So utilizing products like Only! Plant Based Foods are going to be something that differentiates you from your competition. These products complement a vegetarian diet by containing no animal products while still offering a delicious and nutrient-rich option.

Once you have a list of things that differentiate you from other restaurants in your area, you can get to work. The following is a list of ideas to get you started.

Learn the tips and tricks.


Like anything else, there are tips and tricks to creating great ads that people in the business already know. You can learn these tips and tricks by researching them online and by getting a mentor. For example, if you get film studio rental to stage and record your commercial, you can ask those working the studio for their opinion on your ideas. You may also consider hiring a marketing consultant to run your ideas by and get some tips and tricks on creating an effective commercial in the process.

Invoke strong emotions.


Whether you are doing a film shoot or a photo shoot, there are ways to evoke strong emotions from your targeted audience. You need to think about your audience and focus on what is important to them to do this. For example, if they follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, they may be easily hooked by focusing on why you don’t serve animal products.

For some, the focus is on a low-fat diet with enough protein to stay healthy. Your restaurant may focus on grain or poultry for health benefits, or you may focus solely on whole foods or just plant foods. Some are looking for restaurants serving foods with the key nutrients they need for bone health, inflammation, fertility, or lowering the risk of heart disease. Others may be dealing with dietary restrictions and dietary choices that limit their options. You want to make your restaurant the clear choice.

Regardless of what your food focus is, use that to attract your target audience.

Create a mini-series.


When thinking about video production, don’t focus on a single video shoot. Instead, consider a mini-series that will capture your audience and keep them paying attention for future ads. You can talk to the studio manager about the perfect space, natural light, props, green screen, photographs, and whatever else you need in film production to capture the intended message.

If you are doing a photoshoot, you’ll still need advice from the studio manager on the perfect space, natural light, props, and green screen. You want to take advantage of every option the film studio provides for your shoot to get the most out of it. A photoshoot series can be utilized in online and offline advertising, while a film shoot can only be used online or in film.

Keep the promotion going.


Don’t stop film production with one series of commercials. It would be best if you worked on what you’re going to film for your next series. The big-name restaurants are constantly in the film studio preparing for their next marketing campaign. While you may not keep film production going, you can keep your mind going and keep looking for ideas for your next video shoot. You can use your filming experience to make your next promotion even better and possibly step out of your comfort zone with a live stream or a new possible aspect of your business.