Millions of adults in the United States head to college campuses and trade and technical schools each year to pursue their education. With the proper training and credentials, graduates can enter their chosen career field and pursue their chosen vocation.

For many, entering the business sector is a practical career option because there are strong job prospects. Business administration is the most popular degree in the United States. Is a business administration degree the best option for a future in business? Do graduates need a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree? Let’s look at the best degree options for business careers and how to apply to your dream school successfully.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration is a standard option.


There are many business career options for you to consider. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that popular business careers include becoming a market research analyst or human resources specialist. The BLS indicates that market research analysts need a bachelor’s degree and should major in disciplines such as business or communications. At the same time, human resources specialists should earn a bachelor’s degree in communications, human resources, or business.

Other business careers include becoming a budget analyst or marketing manager. The BLS reports that budget analysts need strong math skills, which is why they’re advised to earn an undergraduate degree in business or finance. Marketing managers identify demand for products and develop pricing strategies. The BLS recommends aspiring marketing managers major in business or communications to prepare for their careers.

It’s possible to earn a bachelor’s of business administration through in-person or online studies. Core undergraduate courses include business communications, applied calculus, financial accounting, business analytics, management, and business strategy. Business administration students can supplement a business major with a minor in supporting disciplines, such as communication.

Earning a master’s degree increases your opportunities.


While a bachelor’s degree can open doors to entry-level positions, many opportunities in the business sector require a master’s degree. Graduate students benefit from focused studies in their field of expertise that equip them with the knowledge needed to make executive decisions. A master of business administration (MBA) is recommended for those interested in becoming an industrial production manager, chief executive officer (CEO), operations manager, or school superintendent. An MBA’s also recommended for those interested in pursuing opportunities as computer and information systems managers. While an undergraduate degree in computer and information technology is best for these professionals, an MBA provides the business and leadership knowledge required to plan projects and lead teams.

You can earn a masters degree in business through online studies. Online programs offer flexible scheduling, enabling you to start your career while completing graduate studies. MBA programs allow students to customize their studies, concentrating on their specific area of interest. For example, you can choose electives that focus on health care administration, marketing, taxation, or investment management. Every business student takes core business courses such as strategic management, financial management, information and technology management, and managing across cultures.

Expert guidance from admissions counselors can prepare for the college application process.


Applicants to undergraduate or graduate programs must be accepted to their college programs. Applicants typically need to have a goal statement, application essay, and transcripts. You may also have an application interview.

Working with college admissions counseling services is a great way to prepare for the application process. High school students preparing their first college applications gain insight into how to strengthen their applications. Admissions counselors may recommend participating in extracurricular activities or gaining volunteer experience to supplement their academic record.

Your admissions counselor can also help you craft an application essay that will impress admissions boards and clarify your educational goals. College admissions counseling services can also match you with a summer internship opportunity to ensure your application impresses the admissions staff at your dream school.

Earning an undergraduate degree in business administration, communications, or human resources can prepare you for a business career. Earning an MBA increases your career opportunities and enables you to advance and assume business leadership roles. A college admissions counselor can help you identify the best program options and prepare a successful application.