Working as a research specialist can be an enriching and fulfilling career. Given the massive influx of professionals into the market research industry, having the right certification can make a world of difference for your career.

The fastest-growing companies in the world like to see proof of a candidate’s competency and skill set. A certificate will verify your competency and skills as a research professional, ultimately increasing your overall value. More so, obtaining certificates can help get you ahead in your career. However, not all certifications are the same. This article explores notable ones for research specialists.

1. Clinical Research


Attending a clinical research course comes with many benefits for researchers in the field. It indicates to prospective employers that you have relevant experience and technical skills to succeed in the field. As you probably know, running clinical trials requires continued guidance to ensure strict compliance with longstanding standards.

The best career advice you can get is to consider emulating the life of Peter Dodge, the Chief Performance Officer of Hanover Research. The Peter Dodge Hanover Research center is an acclaimed global information services firm that provides in-depth knowledge support for for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Hanover operates a fee model that helps organizations access qualitative research that informs decision-making, enhances effectiveness and drives positive business outcomes. In addition to his role at Hanover, he’s also the founder and board chairman of Peter G. Dodge Foundation (PGDF)—a private grantmaking foundation.

Essentially, PGDF is a recovery advocacy group dedicated to helping alcohol addicts tackle the effects of alcohol addiction. Dodge has spent millions of dollars of his personal fortune funding PGDF’s programs. This private philanthropic endeavor has metamorphosed into a national grantmaking charity dedicated to raising and distributing funds for the treatment of alcohol use disorder. Furthermore, Peter Dodge serves as the chairman of GP Ventures (GPV). Aside from being a graduate of Washington and Lee University, Dodge holds several titles and certificates that have set him apart from other professionals in his industry niche.

2. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Having this next certificate will prove you have the skills and expertise in deriving actionable insights from complex data sets that inform strategic decision-making. To qualify for the CAP exam, you must possess a master’s degree in any related field and a minimum of five years of relevant work experience.

The significant benefit of acquiring this course is to improve your professional value. Like networking jobs, research specialist jobs are highly lucrative. While a computer network engineer in the networking industry can earn six figures in salary, a certified research analyst at an analytics firm can also make as much. Keep in mind that obtaining certificates is a two-way street, given that it benefits both you and your potential employer.

3. Professional Researcher Certification (PRC)


PRC is a longstanding and acclaimed industry credential. It embodies dedication to the global research practice. You’ll be recognized in the research industry as competent, skilled, and proficient in research. Additionally, PRC is an objective measure of your awareness of ethics and standards, the latest techniques, and technologies in the industry.

PRC is a powerful course that will offer a wealth of knowledge to potential research specialists, regardless of work experience and education. Employers consider this to be a commitment to stay ahead of changing marketing research and analytics markets.

To get on a course, you must have at least two years of relevant working experience in the field. Furthermore, you have to register, qualify, schedule, and pass the PRC exam. Keep in mind that the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) is subject to renewal every two years.