Pregnancy is physically draining, and new mothers need postnatal vitamins urgently as they need prenatal vitamins. While the focus is on the baby after birth, the mother’s health is vital to the well-being of the newborn.

New mothers are physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted, but they often feel like they aren’t allowed to express any negative thoughts or feelings. There is pressure on new moms to express nothing but joy for their new baby. New mothers are vulnerable and need to be cared for. Here are a few things to consider when designing postnatal vitamins for your supplement business.

Keep nursing in mind.


As a new mother, there is a solid chance she is breastfeeding, which means she is living in a nursing bralette, frequently uncomfortable, and always focused on feeding the baby. Her breasts are often tender or even painful. She’s focused on her milk supply and whether or not her baby is getting all the needed food and nutrients. Designing a postnatal vitamin with ingredients that promote milk production will give her peace of mind knowing she’s doing everything she can for her baby.

She’s tired and possibly depressed.


She is up with her baby at all hours, so she isn’t getting the sleep she needs. She also may be battling depression but doesn’t recognize it or doesn’t want to admit it because she feels it makes her a bad mother. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 women will experience symptoms of depression following the birth of a child. When designing a postnatal vitamin, consider ingredients that have been shown to help with depression and exhaustion.

You can also focus the packaging and marketing of your product on the benefits for the baby and the world their baby will grow up in. For example, offers carbon-neutral plant-based packaging for manufacturing and a safe alternative to packaging like plastic that uses fossil fuels in production. Promoting the use of renewable resources will tell the new mother that even though she is buying something for herself, she is also helping the environment. Ethical production of products and buying from a small business is often translated as being a good person and a conscious shopper. When someone is feeling down on themselves either due to depression or exhaustion, even little things can bring them the feeling of doing better.

Remember, she probably isn’t eating well.


New mothers aren’t sleeping right, and they aren’t eating right. Mothers often find themselves eating whatever is available while standing in the kitchen. They don’t have the mental energy to plan out their meals because they are entirely focused on their baby’s meals and the breastfeeding journey. Their bodies need the extra support of postnatal vitamins to get all their bodies’ nutrients. She is likely to slip into not eating regular meals or snacking when tired. Gaining weight after pregnancy is coming due to poor eating habits and lack of physical activity, which can damage low self-esteem due to the physical toll pregnancy takes on the body. Find creative ways to present your company as a supportive friend to the new mother during her postpartum recovery.

If you cannot identify with a new mother and what she is going through, pull together a small team of moms to be your focus group. Learn what mom-life days are in the months following the birth of a child. Once you have the right mindset, you’ll be able to match that with your knowledge of supplements to pull together a combination of ingredients that will enrich the life of a postnatal woman. You’ll understand how your marketing will come across and impact potential customers. Knowing your target audience is the best way to prepare for designing a new product.