The commercial cannabis industry is growing all over the world. In the United States, by the year 2025, sales of legal recreational cannabis will reach approximately $25 billion. This market is growing every day.

For new business hopefuls seeking out business opportunities in this field, you’ll require the services of a commercial greenhouse contractor. We’ll explain why MJM Install is the best Virginia grow room contractor for your commercial construction needs.

Greenhouse Construction


As the cannabis industry grows in the United States, many entrepreneurs are seeking ways to cash in. This new generation wants to build their recreational cannabis growing business. When starting this process, you’ll first need to invest in having a greenhouse built. When you’re seeking out a group of Virginia grow room contractors, find a team of experts that will guide you through the construction process.

Contact a contractor who has years of experience in building commercial greenhouses. Your greenhouse is the most crucial component of your cannabis growing business, so it helps to find expert contractors such as MJM Install to assist you in completing this task. MJM Install brings many years of experience in the construction of these facilities, providing a quality grow space for a cannabis business. An MJM Install greenhouse can help on a few different fronts regarding structure.

To begin, with the innovative design of the greenhouse and cannabis grow room, your plants will experience a longer growing season. As a result, you will experience greater yields in product increase and higher profits. Also, a greenhouse offers weather protection, and the structures are highly durable. Some of these stable features that help keep your plants safe from the outside elements include airtight seals and various climate control options.

Lastly, MJM Install understands that plants are often susceptible to pests and disease. Utilizing the cannabis grow room construction services of MJM Install will keep your crops protected from both. Having a properly constructed greenhouse enhances the chances of creating a controlled and safe environment for your plants to grow in. If you do not invest in the pest and disease protection services of this contractor, you may suffer a financial hit. MJM Install provides some of the best commercial greenhouse construction services in Virginia and West Virginia.

Insulated Metal Walls

Another vital component of your greenhouse construction will be your insulated metal walls. These walls help maintain the temperature of your grow room via the function of modular, commercial insulated metal wall panels. These metal wall panels are a durable option for cannabis produce room owners, and people use them in different locations at a cannabis business. Such panels are perfect for grow rooms, extraction rooms, trim rooms, and lab construction.

MJM stands as one of the best installers of insulated metal walls for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that they provide quick and easy installation, which is extremely important for a new cannabis business. A grower’s dream is to hit the ground running when starting their new company so that they can make a maximum amount of profit in a short time. Installing insulated metal walls is an excellent service MJM provides to cannabis store owners.

Irrigation Systems


Irrigation systems are highly crucial for you to maintain a successful cannabis crop. MJM realizes this and provides installation and construction on some of the best irrigation systems in the market. They apply an epoxy resin floor that helps to keep contaminants from accumulating in your grow house. This installation helps to also conserve water, save nutrients, and increase crop yields.

Consider contracting the services of MJM Install for all of your irrigation system and grow room needs.