The Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone. If you’ve been stuck at home or trying to manage major changes with learning and working, now might be a great time to reward yourself for making it this far in a global pandemic. For ideas on how you could pamper yourself in these unconventional times, read on for a few quality gifts with your name on them.

Luxury Watches


The Rolex Daytona spells class and luxury. If you’re in the market for a luxury indulgence you’ll have forever, a Rolex watch could be perfect. A Rolex Daytona will symbolize not only your luxurious taste for the finer things in life but the time you’ve invested in yourself, too. Whether you’ve been working from home and are looking for a new timepiece to bring with you to the office soon or think a yellow gold Rolex might be the perfect gift for a partner, a luxury watch is not only a special but practical jewelry item that will hold its value.

When considering a high-quality gift for yourself or someone else, think about the latest in lab-created diamonds, precious gemstones, and bezel-setting jewelry as well.

Beauty and Self-Care Products


Another high-quality buy could be in the area of self-care and beauty products. If you haven’t been able to get to the day spa in a global pandemic and your only option has been new beauty routines at home, now might be a great time to add to your regular beauty routine. With the end of the pandemic insight, it could be a good time to consider something new like magnetic lashes, the latest toners on the market, and CBD products for self-care.

It’s easy enough to buy magnetic eyelashes on the internet. Easier to apply than traditional falsies, they’ll make your lash line look professionally done. A creative way to avoid the daily need for mascara, something so simple could be as great of an investment as that expensive wristwatch.

When splurging on that home beauty kit, don’t forget tweezers, makeup removers, skin conditioners, and a stainless steel mirror with lighting. In having a beauty kit makeover, you’ll be more likely to find yourself taking the time to get back into those old self-care regimens again.

Collector Items


High-quality purchases can come in many forms. Maybe you’re someone who collects vintage watches, white gold studs, well-known pieces of art, or baseball cards. Perhaps you’ve also tracked ways restaurants have innovated during Covid. For someone like you, buying high-quality collector’s pieces could be a way to not only reward yourself but begin a new stream of revenue or income.

In the U.S. small businesses like local restaurants and movie theaters have had to make big changes to meet customer demand and honor social distancing and gathering requirements. Savvy businesses have found new ways to work within the supply chain. You could be a part of that, too, by spending free time searching for valuable collection pieces. You’d have the option of keeping those high-value items or selling them off in innovative ways.

At the end of the day, whether you buy yourself a Rolex or spend that stimulus check on a vintage Paul Newman movie collection, it’s important to take care of yourself during stressful times. For those who’ve only spent money on takeout and had to skip their yearly vacation this year, it’s perfectly reasonable to take the vacation fund and put it toward a high-quality item. In taking the time to do some research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect collector or another high-quality item. Happy shopping you. Enjoy that high-quality purchase!