Productivity at work is something that everyone requires. Maintaining a positive attitude and keeping yourself focused on the big picture is crucial to keeping the business running smoothly and everyone happy and on track in the office. The last year has been difficult in this department though. With the coronavirus pandemic upending routine work schedules and simple collaboration amongst team members, businesses have had to implement stopgap solutions to keep their doors open while shielding employees against the continued spread of the virus.

With these focused tools in mind, maintaining the same level of productivity while working in a hybrid office setting can be achieved with grace and ease.

Project Management


Business processes don’t stop because employees are out of the office. In fact, positive financial results are more important than ever during this time. The right people at the right time can really make a difference when the world around your employer brand is reeling from infection and calamity. Maintaining employee engagement space through digital channels is an important consideration during this time, but bringing in project management experience can help speed up this rollout in meaningful ways. By sending some of your employees to PMP certification in Houston, Tampa, or through digital learning portals, making great strides in this arena can be locked in as simply a part of your ongoing business processes rather than an overhaul that will take a great effort to bring on board and finalize.

Project management resources are crucial for businesses of all types, and with project manager certifications within your ranks, making the most of employee productivity and happiness can be a singular task rather than mutually exclusive outcomes. This is a stressful time for everyone, and maintaining focus and diligence is a great way to ensure stability for your brand and your employees at the same time. With project managers on your team, this is a streamlined task.

Social Connection and Real Business Results


Another great tool for businesses looking to ramp up their employee engagement space is Ambassify. Ambassify is an employee advocacy software solution that helps businesses lock in great social sharing and employee engagement tools. With Ambassify, brands are able to redouble efforts at productivity, and employees love the connectivity that Ambassify allows for throughout a seamless software integration.

Ambassify and other solutions aimed at employee engagement are a must during this time of digital commutes and distance-based workspaces. Without the natural collaborative environment that an office provides, employees need an alternative community space to share their own ideas and grow within the company and their team.

Mental Health


Another important facet of a productive team of employees (whether at KPMG, Toyota, KBC, UCB, P&G, ING Bank, or their subsidies, or within a small business reliant on continued entrepreneurship for sustainability) is mental health. A prioritization of mental health and fortitude is a crucial component in building a company culture that you and your team can be proud of. This past year has been uniquely challenging, and simply checking in with employees can go a long way to creating the mix of equity and kind of workspace that makes people excited to get up in the morning. We’ve all had to deal with a downturn in productivity over the past year, but strong growth can be found just ahead for those who utilize a traditional method of employee engagement mixed in with novel approaches.

With these features in mind, gaining new clients, boosting your brand’s market position, and building a strong track record through the most difficult time in recent years can be done far more easily than you might think. Take advantage of some of the newest options in employee engagement for fantastic results.